Lateral Pipe Lining

Construction Points

Outline of Construction Method

  1. Preparatory Work:

    Set the SGICP lateral pipe lining material on the in-pipe work robot, move it inside the main pipe, and press the end of the SGICP lateral pipe lining material against the lateral pipe opening.

  2. Inverted Insertion:

    By applying a fluid pressure (hydraulic or pneumatic) to SGICP lateral pipe liner, reversed insertion into the lateral pipe.

  3. Hot Water Injection / Hardening:

    After inversion completion, pressurized air pressure to SGICP lateral pipe lining material to cure the SGICP lateral pipe lining material by injecting hot water inside. After curing, disconnecting the SGICP lateral pipe liner and the pressure bag.

  4. Finish:

    Inspect and confirm the inside of the lined lateral pipe with a TV camera, and finish.

Lining Material for SGICP Lateral Pipe

Since the branch pipe lining material is covered on both sides with a plastic film, it can barrier the ingress of water and grease attack, cure the lining material, and obtain a high-quality cured product. And higher water tightness can be obtained by the integrated construction with the lining material.