Manhole Lining

Various pipeline rehabilitation methods have been developed for sewerage pipelines, but the current situation is that there are few construction methods for repairing and reinforcing manholes by non-excavation. We have developed it for the purpose of repairing and reinforcing manholes using the same lining materials and construction equipment as pipeline rehabilitation.

Construction Points 

Achieves a completely integrated lining for pipe facilities (lateral pipes, main pipes, sub pipes, manholes).

● The standard type of the construction product alone forms a structure that can withstand external water pressure and the reinforced type can withstand external water pressure and load.

● The construction equipment used is the same as the SGICP lining material pipeline rehabilitation method for the main pipe. Since it is a non-cutting SGICP method, both the construction period and construction cost are reduced. The construction base, noise and vibration are small, and the influence on the surroundings is also small.

● Air-pressurized hot water shower ring system for speedy curing. Standard construction of No. 1 manhole (depth 16.4 ft) is completed within 8 hours.

● If the sewer is up to the shoulder of invert, construction is possible while running the sewage.

● Both strength and economy are achieved by the rib structure.

● Can be installed even in wet conditions.

● When installing the footrest hardware, the existing skeleton strength is not expected, and the special footrest hardware is fixed to the step mounting plate embedded in the lining material.

● Applicable manhole: No.1 (Φ35”) No.2 (Φ47”) No.3 (Φ59”)

    Standard thickness of SGICP lining: 0.2”, 0.3”, 0.4” ~ 0.7”

Outline of Construction Method

■ Preparatory Work:

Carry in and place construction vehicles and equipment. Measure the concentration of toxic gas such as oxygen concentration and hydrogen sulfide, and the concentration of flammable gas, and install ventilation equipment if necessary.

■ Pretreatment Work:

The inner surface of the manhole is cleaned with high pressure to remove corroded parts. Remove steps in the manhole, drainage pipes, and other items that interfere with construction.

SGICP-M Lining Material Set:

Lift the top nozzle with a crane and insert the SGICP-M lining material into the manhole.


■ Inliner Reverse Insertion:

Water is injected inside the top nozzle, and the inliner is inverted and inserted into the SGICP-M lining material.

■ Hot Water Shower Ring Hardening / Curing:

Shower with hot water to cure the SGICP lining material. After curing, shower the cooling water to cool the SGICP-M lining material.


Invert Cutting / Step Installation:

While hoisting the crane, peel off the inliner and cut the SGICP-M lining material at the pipe opening and invert part. Install the ICP step.

■ Finish:

Finish the SGICP-M lining material cut part with resin putty etc., and complete.



Site Conditions That Can Be Constructed

● The existing manhole is not collapsed and blocked.

● The main pipe diameter of 24" or more must be the amount of water that can be stopped by a

     water stop plug with a bypass pipe.

● In addition, if the water depth is 28" or more, the water depth that requires water change is

    up to the shoulder of the invert, and if it is more than 28", water change is required. There

    must be an opening (24" or more) that does not interfere with the insertion of the lining