Main Lining

Construction Points

● The hot water shower ring contributes to energy saving due to the minimum amount of hot water circulation, and the temperature distribution inside the pipe is even, and it can be cured quickly.

Compared to the construction method in which the pipe is filled with water and hardened, the amount of water used is about one-tenth, and fuel and construction time are also greatly reduced.

● The thickness of the rehabilitation material can be set according to the conditions surrounding the existing pipe, and a type reinforced with a glass structure (SGICP-G Construction Method) is also available.

● It is a flexible system that allows you to select the construction method according to the construction conditions, etc., and can handle bends and steps in existing pipelines..

● Compact machinery and equipment: 2t vehicle can be installed with 2 units.

● Applicable to all types of pipes (Hume pipes, Ceramic pipes, Steel pipes, Cast iron pipes, PVC pipes) and pipe diameter.

     Pipe diameter: 3" ~ 83”      Thickness: 0.1" ~ 1.4”

Outline of Construction Method 

  1. Preparatory Work:

      Clean the inside of the pipe.

  2. SGICP Lining Material Reverse Insertion:

      Reverse insertion into the pipe while injecting water into the SGICP lining material.

                                                                                              ※ There are two types of material insertion method: Reverse Insertion Method and Pull-in Method.


  3. Hot Water Shower Ring Hardening: 

      After the inversion is completed, the SGICP lining material is pressurized by air pressure and

      cured with a hot shower ring. After that, the cooling water is circulated to cool the SGICP

      lining material. (Curing)


  4. Perforation of Lateral Pipe Opening:

      If there is a lateral pipe, pull the drilling machine into the main pipe, check the position of

      the lateral pipe opening and drill.

  5. Finish 

      Inspect the condition inside the pipe visually with a TV camera and finish.