Basis for Reliability

Received the 3rd National Land Technology Development Award and Excellence Award


There are 18 items in 2 categories, of which “Reduction of Construction Cost", “Reduction of Life Cycle Cost", “Reduction of External Uneconomical Effects on the Surrounding Environment such as Noise, Vibration and Water Pollution Generated during Construction", etc. Highly applicable to multiple social missions such as technology development missions, “Consideration for Conservation and Restoration of the Natural Environment," “Control of the Generation of Construction Waste and Environmental Pollutants," and “Reduction of the Burden on the Global Environment." It was evaluated and won the award. 

(Subtitle)Revived Sewerage

With this award as the resource for the future, the 3SICP Technology Association and Shonan Plastics Mfg. Co., Ltd. a development company of the SGICP method, will continue to use the slogan of “Contributing to Society Through Earth-Friendly Pipe Rehabilitation" as a domestic technology. I think it is important to contribute to the improvement of the environment with the maintenance technology of sewer pipes.

Certified by the British Water Research Center (WRc)

According to WIS 4-34-04 (No. 2), the quality and specifications of the SGICP method (main pipe, branch pipe and manhole) were investigated, various inspections were conducted, and as a result, a certificate of WRc approval was issued.

After undergoing numerous checks, it was confirmed that it has a durability of 50 years or more and can be applied to the SGICP method.

WRc(Water Research Center

A privatized and independent research institute from the UK's state-owned institution, specializing in research and development in the fields of water and drainage. As part of the group, it has a plumbing laboratory facility and research center in Sindon, England, providing a range of services including plumbing materials for water and drainage, testing and rehabilitation systems.

Certified by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Sewerage New Technology Organization

Construction Technology Examination Certificate




Japan Water Works Association Standard JWWA-K135 (Dissolution Test) Results

Analysis Test Report