SGICP Construction Method

"Non-Cutting Method" SGICP method which is energy-saving and economical / watertight

Construction Method Video (English Version Coming Soon)

The pipes, including the sewers buried underground, are not usually seen by humans, but they are important assets that are indispensable for our lives, industrial systems and environmental conservation.

This buried pipe continues to withstand underground changes that occur without interruption.

Ground deformation, earthquake, cracks / damage caused by car vibration, toxic gas, erosion by acidic drainage. After the service life (approx. 50 years), the fatigue level of the pipe increases rapidly and aging progresses.

Infiltration and leakage from the cracked / damaged part and the intrusion of tree roots cause serious problems.

Infiltration water causes an economic burden due to an increase in treatment costs.
Leakage can contaminate groundwater.

In addition, there are various problems such as fear of secondary disasters such as road cave-in caused by earth and sand, traffic congestion due to construction, noise, and generation of industrial waste.

For these various issues, energy-saving and economical / watertight non-cutting methods are required, but the SGICP method, which allows the construction of the main pipe, mounting pipe and manhole to be integrated, is optimal.