Company morality "Makoto" means honesty to humanity, honesty to society, honesty to nature. We believe that the spirit of trust that comes from "The Accumulation of Honesty" is the foundation of corporate management. 60 years of "Honesty Accumulation" based on the teachings of warmth while cherishing various technologies, we will actively work on new development in pursuit of eternal evolution.


Prospects for the 21st Century. In addition to the plastic products manufacturing business and plastic mold business that we have cultivated over the years from the perspective of global environmental protection. Development of pipe renewal method applying plastic, construction methods used for underground structures using plastic. We are developing materials, apply for patents in various countries around the world. Even in Japan, we respond to the needs of government agencies nationwide.


We are also focusing on the development of robots used for underground structures and pipe renewal. Also, from the perspective of globalization, we opened a Thai plant in 1996 as a Southeast Asian base, and in the early 2000, we established a Korean Corporation and a Chinese Corporation.


We will continue to make efforts in the future, so please do not hesitate to give us your support and encouragement.

Shonan Plastics Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Takao Kamiyama